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  • Manage shopping web sites
  • Plan a vacation
  • Organize information on
    hobbies and interests
  • Build an online recipe book
  • Manage marketing research information
  • Keep tabs on competitors
  • Organize product documentation
  • Document and encrypt sensitive information such as usernames and passwords
  • Highlight course material, manage notes and improve exam preparation
  • Assemble, organize and share course material
  • Manage research data
  • Build a grants database
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  How KnowledgeWorkshop Can Benefit You
  • Save lots of time by having all your project information (web page references, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mails, tasks etc.) in one place ⇒ greater productivity and efficiency
  • Cross-reference related information, enabling you to navigate a network of associated items.
  • Quickly retrive information by keyword or text search.
  • Keep a copy of those web pages that may disappear in the future.
  • Not interesed in saving the whole web page? Take a clipping of what you want, and have an automatic citation added to let you know where it came from.
  • Overcome the limitations of large and unwieldy favorites/bookmarks lists.
  • Highlight interesting text on web pages so that it stands out next time to browse to it.
  • If you use or are thinking of using the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) life organizing methodology, KnowledgeWorkshop has built-in support for managing tasks and reminders to make this easy. more.
  • Share your information with friends & colleagues.
  • Publish your information as HTML files to a folder or web server.
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